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Designed to offer a natural-feeling motion and an effective low-impact cardio workout for a wide range of exercisers. The elliptical path is the result of years of biomechanics research and ensures that each stride feels smooth and comfortable. Elevated aesthetics make the cross-trainer inviting, but it also stays true to the workhorse durability that the Integrity Series is known for. Multiple console choices let facilities choose the experience their exercisers want—create an engaging cardio experience with easy access to entertainment and fitness apps, or allow for intuitive get-on-and-go workouts. Wireless internet connection lets facilities gain insights from valuable user data and make easy console software updates. Integrity cross-trainers are for fitness facilities and health clubs that want an inviting modern design, and enough options to appeal to all of their exercisers.


Life Fitness Integrity Crosstrainer (Refurbished)

  • Description Integrity D: Deluxe; Integrity S: Simple
    Console Integrity D and S: Discover SE3 HD, Discover ST, Integrity SL
    Dimensions (L” x W” x H”) Integrity D: 86" x 29" x 64" (218 x 73 x 163cm); Integrity S: 86" x 29" x 63.5" (218 x 73 x 161cm)
    Active Dimensions (length) Integrity D and S: 87" (222cm)
    Equipment Weight Integrity D: 301lbs (137kg); Integrity S: 298lbs (135kg)
    Pedal Dimensions (inches) Integrity D: Oversized 15" FlexForm Pedals; Integrity S: Oversized 15" Pedals
    Minimum Space between Foot Pedals (inches) Integrity D and S: 3" (7.6cm)
    Step-Up Height (inches) Integrity D and S: 9.5" (24cm)
    Max User Weight Integrity D and S: 400lbs (181kg)
    Colors Integrity D: Arctic Silver, Titanium Storm, Black Onyx, Diamond White; Integrity S: Arctic Silver
    Handlebars Integrity D: Moving handles w/multi-grip and remote resistance controls; Integrity S: Moving handles
    Stride Length (inches) Integrity D and S: 20" (51cm) Ergonomic Fixed
    Resistance Levels Integrity D and S: 25
    Resistance System Integrity D and S: Generator
    Transport Wheels Integrity D and S: Yes
    USB Port Integrity D: Yes; Integrity S: No
    Warranty Integrity D and S: Electrical Components: 2 year limited; Labor: 1 year; Mechanical Components: 2 year limited; Warranties outside the U.S. may vary
    Water Bottle Holder/Accessory Tray Integrity D and S: Reading Rack & 1 Cup Holder w/removable anti-theft locking feature
    Self-powered Integrity D and S: Yes, SL console only
    Power Requirements Integrity D and S: North America: 120V, 20A outlet with dedicated line, neutral, ground wires and dedicated circuit breaker, Japan: 100V, 20A; International: 230V, 10A outlet with dedicated line, neutral, ground wires and dedicated circuit breaker, Japan: 200V, 10A Discover Consoles - 24V, 3.75A (90W) Attachable TV- 24V, 2.5A (60W) SL Non-Treads, Optional Power - 24V, 2.5A (60W)
    Heart Rate Integrity D and S: Yes
    Touch Integrity D and S: Yes
    Telemetry Integrity D and S: Yes
    Shipping Weight Integrity D and S: 400 lbs (181 kg)
    Shipping Configurations (for non-installed purchases) Integrity D and S: 91.5" x 35" x 51.5" (232.4 cm x 88.9 cm x 130.8 cm)
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