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This is the perfect machine for all ages and all fitness levels. The low step through height makes it easy to sit down on a comfortable seat and step away while your arms pull back and forth. Simple back and forth leg movement reduces knee pain. Easy seat adjustment and arm adjustment makes it easy to fit any size and shape. Multiple hand positions on comfortable foam cushioning make it easy to work different upper body muscles. Perfect for older users and some home rehab uses. There is almost no-one that can’t use this machine.


The unique semi-linear path of the CS3 pedals greatly reduce knee sheer while still engaging all of the user’s leg muscles and glutes.  The moving handlebars target the large muscles of the upper body for maximum calorie burn and conditioning.  Ten preset programs with 20 levels of resistance make the CS3 the perfect full body workout for people of all fitness levels.  Attain your fitness goals without compromising your joints.  Being fit never felt so good!

Inspire Fitness CS3 Cardio Strider

    • Low Step through height offers easy access to seat.
    • Sliding and Locking Seat system integrated.
    • Silent Poly V Belt Drive System provides whisper quiet operation.
    • Friction Free Electro-magnetic Resistance System means no wearing parts.
    • Friction Locking Handles for added adjustability.
    • Contact Heart Rate sensors built into handles.
    • Handles Flip to switch between CHEST/BACK workout and BICEPS/TRICEPS workout.
    • Resistance starts at an ultra-easy 10 watts.
    • Stride Length ranging from 12″ to 15″ based on foot position.
    • Simple Back and Forth Reciprocating Leg Movement drives through the hips to reduce knee shear.
    • Computer Console Bright Blue Backlight LCD display is easy to read in low or bright light.
    • Computer has 10 Preset Programs (6 auto-resistance, 2 focus, and 2 heart rate specific programs).
    • Dimensions:  Length 59″ x Width 34″
    • Max User Weight: 300 lbs
    • Machine Weight: 183 lbs
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